Hi there, I'm Dr. Kristal Vance,DC

I lost over 160 pounds through a combination of homeopathy, clean eating and natural nutrients, and now I help others do it too.

If you are someone who has done everything to try and lose weight before...

  • Prescriptions...

  • Diets...

  • Surgeries...

with no long-term results... then you have found your people.

Welcome! I can help you.

My Story... before & after.

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The Circle of Health

The Circle of Health is a community that creates a space for encouragement, accountability and friends.

As an Advocate of Health We Will Help You:

  • Empower yourself to use homeopathy, clean eating and natural nutrients

  • Rebuild and balance your body's ability to create hormones

  • Find healthy digestion and support healthy sugar levels

Drop to Drop!

Featuring two unique blends — in the form of drops you take before meals — Slenderiiz® provides a cutting-edge advantage to weight loss. Safe, effective and long lasting, Slenderiix™ & Xceler8™ drops fit easily into your on-the-go lifestyle with proven weight loss results! Slenderiiz is the only healthy and natural weight management system of its kind that shows improved results over diet and exercise alone.

To help expedite weight loss while maintaining proper levels of nutrition, our scientifically advanced products assist in controlling appetite and increasing metabolism to maximize your efforts.

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